We create software solutions for Art Directors by combining our expertise in design with the technical needs of our clients.

Designers Bookshop was founded by Art Director, Abraham Georges in 2008. He first started out by recommending books, therefore the name of the company. Later he decided to focus on creating technical solutions for Art Directors (and other creative users).

Our expertise in design and love of technology is what sets us apart from other companies. Many create technology for the sake of it, not for the sake of the end-user, which is our goal. That is why we develop our products together with our users. In todays world where design and communication must quickly be created, the tools that are available for Art Directors are in many cases not enough. We want to create the tools that are missing and place them in the hands of those that need them.

Designers Bookshop is a small company based in lovely Stockholm, Sweden. The relationship with our customers is something we cherish deeply. We believe in treating our customers like our best friends and always be there for them. Designers Bookshop proudly sponsors students, events and love partnering with exciting companies, learn more.

Abraham Georges,
Art Director and Founder