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Design layouts fast and easy for projects like user interfaces, apps, branding, print and video
Good to know:
  • Brand new software release (no demo yet).
  • Standalone software, not a plug-in.
  • For Mac and Windows. Requires Adobe Air.
  • Subscribe a single month ... or more!
  • Cancel subscription via link in receipt.
Purchase License Great for projects like:
  • User interfaces and apps.
  • Branding, logo and packaging.
  • Print, video and web.
  • Beta version available if purchased.
  • More information coming on new website.

This software was born out of the frustration of a UI design project, especially when it came to being able to inform the developer of the exact positions for certain elements such as labels, text fields and buttons. And let's not even talk about if you wish to make any changes. I imagined a totally dynamic environment in a standalone application that could export the layouts into the most commonly used design applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and the new exciting software Adobe XD.

As I was working on a project I realized how difficult it was to create certain types of layouts. Layouts that would often required manual setup and in some cases hours to setup, in addition to that, updating such layouts is a real nightmare. This made me think, for months I imagined what the ultimate method would be for creating these types of layouts in a smarter, faster and more dynamic way.

Out of that quest a new layout method I've decided to call Builder was born. While more methods for creating layouts besides Builder will be added later, this was the starting point for creating this software. Later we will stop supporting Grid Calculator Basic Edition as the features of that software eventually will be migrated into this one.

As you subscribe to Grid Calculator Standalone Edition you will also be able to use Grid Calculator Basic Edition with the same license (and vice versa). This software was written from the ground up and we'll continue to support it with updates. As this software is brand new and features are limited at this time we are reducing the subscription fee (or at least guaranteeing the price is the lowest it can be, if subscription is canceled the same price can not be guaranteed in the future).

Create layouts blazing fast and export them into Photoshop via .jsx format. We support units of Pixels, Millimeters and Inches. Later we will be adding support for exporting files to Illustrator via .svg format. Regardless if you're working on a user interface, branding, digital or print project you're going to love this software. As this software continues to develop more information will be available later.
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