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High quality screen print. Paper: Pliké 140 gsm. Size: 700 x 1000 mm
Brockmann & Swiss Design Tribute
This poster was designed as a tribute to Swiss Design and Mr Muller-Brockmann which I am sure you know of. In this poster "old grid" style is used which is basically when the letters are "hanging" from the baseline, instead of standing on it. Font used in poster: Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk, Medium. The quote on the poster is probably the most well known one when it comes to grid systems.

The posters were displayed in the ASU Posterism Poster Show in Arizona, United States (2009).

"The print quality of the poster exceeded my expectations. The paper stock and ink coverage - outstanding. The personal care taken in its shipment and follow-up communication was exemplary. I look forward to future designs." — Gary Rust

Experimental Grid Lines
A grid system is way of structuring different elements on a surface. With this poster I wanted to experiment and see if I could create some kind of "structured chaos" and basically do something that most people do not when working with grid systems. By the way this poster is really cool, instead of printing a transparent lacquer as the "basic grid" I decided to print black on black so it can only be seen if light hits the poster.

Grid Pattern Space
Can you use a grid as a foundation for building different patterns? This poster is an experiment which ended up in a pattern following the "basic grid" of the document.

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Posters are sent in a secure wrapping ensuring that they'll look great when they arrive! The package can take water and hits without damaging the posters. Each order is handled with great care! I understand that my credit card payment will be processed instantly once I 'Checkout' from the Shopping Cart. Shipping will take up to 3 weeks depending on where I live. Posters are sent from Stockholm, Sweden. If any of my ordered posters do not arrive looking great I understand that I have the right to get it replaced (depending if we have any posters left) or get my money back.