Grid Calculator Pro Edition 4.2 (Creative Suite)
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  • Ability to add a new master directly from the master dropdown within plug-in.
  • Handling of rows in vertical value mode with image-lines (correct placement/alignment and same last row height).
  • Minor improvements and cleanup from previous versions.
  • Updated keyboard commands (Alt key no longer been used), learn more here and here.
  • Modified handling of masters when working in vertical value mode with or without image-lines.
  • New menu-items; 'Layout Wizard' and 'Subscription License' (monthly and yearly).

Please note

  • When working in value mode (mainly vertical), saved presets will not properly store
    settings for rows. Therefore it is recommended to save the actual document, learn more here.
  • Version 4.1, not released for Creative Suite. Instead version 4.2 was released (same update as for Creative Cloud).
  • Good to know when working with Alternate Layout in version 4.2, read article here.


  • Plug-in do no longer conflict with other installed plug-ins.
  • Improvements in the 'Paragraph and Character Style' section.
  • Numerous bugs fixed.