Grid Calculator Pro Edition (Creative Cloud)
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5.1 (CC 2019)

  • Mac: Compatible with macOS Mojave.

5.1 (CC 2018)

  • Mac: Compatible with macOS High Sierra (and earlier versions).
  • Show keyboard shortcuts for 'Open Plug-in' and 'Preferences', earlier only shown for 'Layout Wizard'.
  • Keybort Shortcuts for Grid Calculator Pro Edition moved to Product Area: Grid Calculator Pro Edition instead of Other as in earlier versions.
  • Using keyboard shortcut to 'Open Plug-in' on InDesign startup now works, earlier blocked due to a crash.
  • Minor issue where a dropdown menu in Preferences was translated into local language installed instead of English.
  • Paragraph Styles can now be collapsed.
  • Optimized code to run more stable.
  • Mac: Installer works for non-admins (requires admin-password for installation), activator can still only be used by admins.
  • Windows: Installer, Activator and Uninstaller updated for high-resolution screens.
  • Windows: Activator will now show correct message if license is already activated on 2 computers.


  • This update only applies to Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud 2015 and later.
  • Removal of forum link within plug-in menu (forum is no longer available).
  • Installation of updates is more stable in this and coming versions (Windows version needs a few extra minutes compared to Mac).
  • Activation/usage of plug-in is optimized to work faster, plug-in will not be affected when server/control center updates are performed.
  • Windows: Issue of crashing upon start of plug-in has been fixed. For previous plug-in versions of Windows 7 users and later, please use this fix: Within the Adobe InDesign folder > Right-click on the application 'InDesign.exe' file and select Properties > Compatibility > Check the box called 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' > Windows 7. Doing this will avoid the plug-in from crashing and acting incorrectly. If needed also select the other files within the plug-in folder and do the same.
  • Even though no new features was added in this specific version of 5.0, we decided to separate it from the older versions of 4.x. So that if needed, we could release updates for older versions (or updated installers) and new versions without mixing them with each other in terms of versions. Many things have been improved internally to offer users a better experience when new versions are released. There are plans for coming out with new features for Grid Calculator Pro Edition (Creative Cloud) sometime in the coming future.


  • Handling of rows in vertical value mode with image-lines (correct placement/alignment and same last row height).
  • Minor improvements and cleanup from previous version.
  • Good to know when working with Alternate Layout in version 4.2, read article here.
  • Modified keyboard commands from version 4.1 (for better user experience), learn more here and here.
  • Modified handling of masters when working in vertical value mode with or without image-lines.
  • New menu-item 'Layout Wizard'.

Please note

  • When working in value mode (mainly vertical), saved presets will not properly store.
    settings for rows. Therefore it is recommended to save the actual document, learn more here.


  • Ability to add new masters without restarting plug-in (through the masters dropdown > Add Master).
  • Replaced usage of Alt button with Cmd and Ctrl for better user experience (will be updated in 4.2).
  • Now available in 64-bit for Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud.
  • Escape button will now exit the plug-in.
  • Hide button is now shown by default (Reset button is removed).
  • Plug-in do no longer conflict with other installed plug-ins.
  • Sorting issue of presets.
  • Subscription license for Creative Suite and Creative Cloud (with universal CC license).
  • Removal of showing subdivision values in points using keyboard command.