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Articles: Installation, Preferences and Setup

• To install Grid Calculator Pro Edition make sure that you uninstall any previously installed version. • Most likely the preferences (colors of document grid, baselines and guides etc.) will be all messed and these needs to be re-set again. This is done inside Adobe InDesign > Designers Bookshop Grid Calculator Pro Edition > Preferences.

• You can setup keyboard shortcuts inside Adobe InDesign > Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Other (you will probably need to create a new set).

• To activate a full license or test drive license fill field out called: Serial Number

• To activate an upgrade license please fill out the 2 bottom fields: Full Serial (a previous full license) Upgrade Serial (upgrade license for the InDesign version you are activating)

Make sure to fill out: First Name Last Name Email

In the name(s) fields following is not allowed: Special characters like: åäöû etc, spacing, underscore and dash etc.

• Fetch, a feature that fetches your license but only works on an "activated" computer. To use this feature all you need to do is to enter the same email address you have already used on the activated computer and press Fetch.

• Mac: If you are unable to install the plug-in and you have administrator rights then maybe you have installed Adobe InDesign in a custom location, if this is the case then somewhere in the process you are able to change the location. Please do so and select the Plug-Ins folder within Adobe InDesign.

Once you get to this step, click on the button on top of the two bottom buttons.

This will allow you to select the hard drive and then click on Choose Folder: Adobe InDesign > Plug-Ins and then continue with the installation.