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Here are some of our clients/users
"As a self-taught designer of less than 10 years, I was relatively new to grid systems at the time of Grid Calculator Pro Edition 1.0. Since then, I've created hundreds of pages using your plug-in and it has not only provided a more clear understanding of the functionality of grids, but it has also improved my layout skills tremendously."
— Robert Chatham
"You know a tool has become indispensable when you just reach for it automatically, expect it to be there, and trust it to do the job. That's what Grid Calculator is like for me."
— Dan Fleming
"I cannot wait to keep on experimenting with your plug-in. It already saved me tons of hours on a project I started while messing with demo mode. You are amazing for creating this, hats off to you! The project I am working on needed a square grid that matches the baseline ... basically when I landed on your page I knew it was exactly what I was looking for, I couldn't put it into words but I was like, this is the kind of open ended solution I need."
— Sun An