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Get your license ... and finally put an end to the days of creating layouts the difficult way!
If you can work less and at the same time create more layouts of higher quality by using our plug-in, then wouldn't be logical to say that you will also earn more money (via saved time spent on other projects) versus trying to do it yourself? With this tool in your hands you'll finally have that extra time for: participating in exciting pitches, spend more time on the content or to simply relax and take some afternoons off!
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I understand that my credit card payment will be processed instantly once I 'Checkout' from the Shopping Cart. Both the serial number(s) and the invoice will be sent by email.

All subscriptions are per auto-renewal. It's the customers responsability to cancel the subscription in time. Cancellation can be done via the link you get in your receipt, within that link you can also see your next billing date. It is possible to subscribe a single month or more if needed. Because we stand by our product we offer a 14-day money back guarantee if you are unable to activate or use the software, if you contact us via support during that time. By placing a subscription order you understand that it's a monthly or yearly re-billing plan (yearly subscribers will be reminded before billing).

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In order to 'Activate' my license I must be connected to the Internet. Internet access is also required for 'Deactivation'. I understand that I will always be able to get support if I encounter any problems.

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Before placing a 'Purchase Order' or similar, where no credit card is used (for Creative Cloud subscription) you must contact us via support first, in order to get special access.
"Abraham, when I visit Sweden [or you visit the Denver, CO area], we must get together for a meal/drink/coffee. I do so much appreciate all the time you put into this. And you can put my quotation in bold! I've had experiences with other companies that just left me dangling or gave me the usual help desk run-about. But you are a model. Best wishes with the continuing development of your product. I am going to give you a good write-up in my newsletter and re-post it to my blog. [Or it may be the other way about.] You have earned it. Again, thanks so much."
— Michael King
"Very few software designers I have encountered have replied so fast. I was still typing when you replied!"
— Tony Hirtenstein
"As critical and capable as Adobe InDesign is, to develop and construct complex grid systems, it's basically useless, without Grid Calculator Pro Edition. This plugin has become my partner in the creation and application of complex grid systems."
— Daniel Pagan
"I don't know what I would do without your plug-in. I have tried to preen every book on creating mathematical grid systems that I could find to create elegant layouts but was only able to find generic information or information so complex as it seemed nearly incomprehensible with the math. Your innovation is a God send man. I really appreciate it. I'm glad your plug-in is so successful."
— Russell Shinpo
"The plugin has changed the way we work here, it makes the process so quick and allows us to design properly in situations where we didn't have the time to previously."
— Ken Taylor