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Articles: Full, Upgrade and Test Drive License

To access the Activator, do this:
1. Open Adobe InDesign.
2. In the menu bar select: Designers Bookshop > Grid Calculator Pro Edition > Activate Plug-In.
3. Please continue with the instructions below.

Full and upgrade license can be activated on 2 computers. They can be used offline. They have no time-limit.

• Full license: can only be used for the specific Adobe InDesign version it was bought for this also applies for the upgrade license. For example CS3 will only work in CS3. CS5.0 will only work in CS5.0 and not CS5.5 etc.

Enter the serial number in the field called: Serial Number in the activator application. Also enter your first, last name and email and press Activate button.

• Upgrade license: enter the 2 bottom fields called: Full Serial and Upgrade Serial and then press Activate. Make sure to also enter first, last name and email address.

• Test Drive License*: lasts 3 months (by default), can only be used while being online and can only be activated on one computer per license (and is then tied to that computer). Can be used for all our plug-in versions (just re-activate on the same computer if period has not expired).

*Test Drive License is no longer available for purchase. Please purchase a subscription instead (which can be cancelled at anytime).